Macroe Windows Ltd

Macroe Windows Ltd - Privacy Policy Statement

Macroe Windows Ltd is committed to fully comply with GDPR regulations.

  1. Macroe Windows Ltd only collect and process personal data for legitimate, core business use.
  2. We only share personal data to fulfil legal obligations with relevant government bodies. We do not share personal data we hold with any data processing or marketing companies.
  3. All individual’s personal data we hold is stored securely. Additional precautions are taken to protect data which is stored digitally.
  4. We fully comply with GDPR regulations relating to rights of individuals to request access, rectification, erasure and restriction of use of their own personal data.
  5. Macroe Windows Ltd has procedures which must be followed in case of a data breach
  6. Our Data Protection policies are reviewed and audited at regular intervals
  7. Staff are trained to comply with our data protection policy
  8. Top management are responsible for the implementation of our data protection policy

A full version of our Data Protection Policy is available upon request. Please contact Peter McIlroy.